Trees are the right height here. I love the lakes. I love cars.

That’s how Mitt Romney is trying to smooth over that other thing he said about Michigan and our rebounding auto industry: “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” In fact, tomorrow Mitt Romney will be holding an event at Ford Field saying the very same things and expecting the same result: that we’ll overlook his decision to abandon Michigan during our deepest crisis. But we won’t. We’ll have a mobile billboard circling Ford Field – and a matching bumper sticker to boot.


We’re going to remind Mitt Romney just how wrong he was, and we want your help. Join us at a rally on the top deck of the Gem & Century Theater Parking Garage at the intersection of Brush & Beacon Streets (1901 Brush Street, Detroit) starting at 9:30 a.m. Friday.

Support our campaign by making a minimum $3 donation, and we’ll give you a Let Romney Go Bankrupt bumper sticker to slap on your car.

If Mitt Romney had his way, GM wouldn’t be posting its highest profits ever, and tens of thousands of Michiganders and 1.14 million Americans would be out of work.

P.S. Support our campaign and send a message by making sure you get a Let Romney Go Bankrupt sticker!

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