Thursday, February 23, 2012
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Billboard, Rally Targeting Opposition To Auto Rescue

LANSING, MI—Citizens group Progress Michigan said today it will feature a giant mobile billboard to protest Mitt Romney’s opposition to the auto rescue and to welcome Michiganders who will gather for a rally Friday near Ford Field before Romney’s scheduled speech to the Detroit Economic Club.
The billboard will carry the “Let Romney Go Bankrupt” message the group has been promoting through an online petition, video and through bumper stickers.  The billboard presence coincides with a rooftop “Rally to Tell Mitt Romney:  Don’t Bet Against Michigan” planned for 9am-11:30am Friday at the Gem & Century Theater Parking Garage, top deck, located at the intersection of Brush & Beacon Streets.
“The Wall Street CEO ideology of Mitt Romney that opposes the auto rescue but supports big bank bailouts is dangerous for Michigan families,” said David Holtz, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “It’s important we send a strong message that Michigan’s auto industry counts.  And when it counted most, Mitt Romney threw us under the bus.”
The billboard will circle the Gem Theater rally site and then Ford Field during Romney’s speech.
Progress Michigan has also produced a video recalling Romney’s 2008 wildly inaccurate prediction that the auto rescue would mean the end of the auto industry. The video documents the industry’s comeback in brief snippets while inviting viewers to go to where they can sign a petition to Romney, view the video and get a sticker.

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