So, today starts the countdown.  Many of you already know that on July 29, I will walk out of the Progress Michigan office for the last time as an official employee. For those who do not know already, I am sorry that you found out this way; maybe we need to talk more often, eh? 

 I will get the facts out of the way.  First, I am leaving for several reasons.  I want to go to grad school.  I want to live somewhere warm and sunny year round.  I met a boy and he left Michigan and we are moving to a location half-way between where we live now.  Second, I am moving to Texas.  I know, I know… TEAXAS?  It’s like a breeding ground for crazy, right wing wackos.  But hey, just opened up and who knows, maybe I will start blogging on their site to have a little sanity or something. Plus, it’s Austin and Austin is just cool. Third, I am NOT giving up on Michigan.  I love this state… I am going to miss the Great Lakes, sand dunes, the seasons (well, not the winter), Detroit, pasties, Vernors, fly fishing, the forests, Petoskey stones, Biggby, Tavern on the Square , the WAB, the MSU gardens, Bells beer (oh Two Hearted Ale how I love thee), the beaches, the lighthouses and oh so much more.  Lastly, I love my current job so much that the next couple weeks are going to be full of really tough goodbyes, the staff here at Progress Michigan is really amazing and will be missed very much.  The progressives that make up a community I have been part of for almost ten years are incredible and I am sad I will not be part of it. 

So, now you know the facts.  On to the opinions… imagine that- me giving my opinions! Ha.  Over the next 28 days, I will write one blog a day (even on weekends) that lays out some of the issues I really hope the progressive folks in this state defeat, how I feel about the leaders in this state, and even some things that have nothing to do with Michigan politics, like something my roommate did that I could not resist sharing.  I know, you’re totally on the edge of your chair right now. 

So, before I sign off until tomorrow, I just want to say this… I love this organization and am proud to have been part of it and encourage you to invest in it if you have not done so already.  Forward the next email you get to a friend, volunteer to stand up at a press event and have your voice heard on an issue you care about, or pass us a few bucks.  It’s up to you, but if you like progress, Progress Michigan is the organization to stick with.

Peace, love, and hair grease,


PS – my posts to come will be much shorter.  Like me!   



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