Is Michele Bachmann the comedic gift that keeps on giving? I think so. In addition to her well-documented history of factual misstatements and lies, Michele Bachmann has gone two for two in her two-day old presidential campaign.

Yesterday, in a transparent play to Waterloo, Iowa natives, Michele Bachmann cited John Wayne as a kindred spirit, a great American actor she thought was born in Waterloo. One problem, John Wayne – the actor – was born 150 miles away in Winterset, Iowa. John Wayne Gacy – the serial-killer – was born in Waterloo, Iowa.

Today, Michele followed her opening salvo with an entertaining appearance on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos. George begins by citing the pulitzer-prize winning website Politifact’s finding that Michele has more misstatements and outright lies than any other candidate. Specifically, her statement that the “founders that wrote those [the constitution] documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States.”

After a little back and forth George asks, in disbelief, if Michele is “standing by this comment?” I’ve embedded the video below. If this keeps up, I may be able to cancel my subscription to HBO!

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