So, this weekend I kinda of bailed on the blog.  Well, sort of. I wrote, but did not publish.  I wasn’t exactly near internet the whole weekend.  However, here are some thoughts I did write while I enjoyed loaded lemonades and hotdogs. 

From July 2, 2011

Yesterday, the beginning of a long weekend of folly and outdoor activities, the Minnesota State Government shut down.  Sound familiar? We beat Minnesota to this one back in 2009 and partially back in 2007, though in Minnesota, it’s already lasted longer than it did here.    But what does this all mean for the holiday weekend?  I expect an explosion, and I am not talking about fireworks here.  I am talking angry people who want their parks open, want to go fishing and enjoy the many lakes Minnesota has to offer. However, they won’t get that because with a government shutdown barricades will go up outside state parks.  Closed down marinas and empty beaches.

Alright, so I get it, a shutdown means that nonessential services are shutdown, however, in my opinion; I think state parks should be left open, instead of using people power to put up barricades, keep the parks open without anyone working.  At least that way people can enjoy the holiday they had planned, maybe get in touch with nature a little bit since they won’t get to use the showers or toilets at campgrounds.  I’m just saying, if you are gonna shut down, shut down and get out of people’s hair. 

It doesn’t work that way, though, does it?  If our elected officials cannot get their sh*t together then we all suffer.  And so, Minnesotans will suffer this holiday weekend. 

Of course, you could live in a state, like Michigan, where instead of shutting down, you just cut everything and take away people’s pay to get the budget settled.

Hey, happy Fourth of July!

July 3, 2011

Maybe you did not know, but the Natural Resources Defense Fund launched its annual beach report last week.  Some of Michigan’s beaches are not doing so well, including some of those beloved ones along Lake Michigan.  Check the beach you plan to head to this weekend to make sure it isn’t on the list.  I made sure my favorite beach (good ole overused Grand Haven State Park) didn’t have too many closed days. 

July 4

I’m not writing anything today, I’m lounging.  Except, I hope it’s a good July 4th.  



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