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July 26, 2019

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As ‘Dems for Life’ Conference Begins, Progress Michigan Pushes Back Against Hypocrisy

You can’t claim to stand for “freedom” while trying to deny access to safe abortions

MICHIGAN — On Friday, Progress Michigan hosted a press call to expose the hypocrisy of the national Democrats for Life conference taking place this weekend in East Lansing. The Democrats for Life’s anti-abortion platform and rhetoric are hypocritical and contrary to the “pro-life for the whole life” values they claim to support. 

“These are the exact attacks perpetuated by conservatives and anti-abortion extremists in Michigan, Congress and across the country who seek to end reproductive health care and send us back to the dark ages,” said Sam Inglot, deputy director of Progress Michigan. “We believe in the right of international organizations to be able to give truthful and medically-accurate information. We believe that ensuring every Planned Parenthood – in Michigan and across the country – gets the funding they need to provide high quality reproductive health and education services to millions of people in underserved communities.”

Democrats for Life supports the implementation of the Global Gag Rule, supports defunding Planned Parenthood – the largest sexual and reproductive health provider in the country – and supports 20-week abortion bans

On the call, Progress Michigan announced that they have received 825 signatures so far from a petition they launched last week in response to the conference taking place and expect to receive more over the weekend as the conference continues. The results of the petition will be sent to the event organizers. 

“Michigan is facing a direct assault on abortion rights by groups like Right to Life and the Heartbeat Coalition. This is part of a nationally coordinated campaign by anti-choice extremists who are trying to overturn Roe. V Wade and take a person’s right to have reproductive freedom,” said Cayley Winters, West Michigan communications organizer at Progress Michigan. “Dems for Life need to be called out for their role in this just like the other organizations.” 


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