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May 15, 2019

Progress Michigan Statement on Indictment of Representative Larry Inman

The need to apply FOIA to the Legislature and have major lobbying reform never more pressing

LANSING — Progress Michigan issued the following statement on the indictment of Representative Larry Inman for attempted extortion, bribery and lying to the FBI. The statement should be attributed to Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan:

“Today’s indictment is further proof that we need more transparency and lobby reform in Michigan. For too long, crooked people like Larry Inman have been able to operate in the shadows away from the public eye and have been more concerned about their reelection than the people they represent. Michigan needs real FOIA reform that brings total sunshine to the legislature and allows the people to know what is happening in the halls of the Capitol. The Senate should take up the bills that passed the House earlier this year today and send them to the Governor. We also need to take a comprehensive look at restructuring our worst in the nation lobbying laws because right now, too many elected officials are more concerned about the next donation they’re going to get, rather than what’s best for their constituents.

Further, Progress Michigan calls on Larry Inman to resign and if he won’t do so, we expect Speaker Lee Chatfield to immediately begin the process of expelling Inman from the legislature.”

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