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December 17, 2018

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Schuette’s Term as AG: Just a Right-Wing Crusader

Working families, LGBTQ community, our environment, were targets of Schuette’s shady agenda 

LANSING — Today, Michigan’s outgoing attorney general, Bill Schuette, held an end of term press conference. In response, Progress Michigan is releasing its own breakdown of Schuette’s tenure as the state’s top law enforcement official.

“If you’re a bigot, a corporate polluter, or a greedy corporate lobbyist, Bill Schuette’s record as attorney general has to leave you smiling,” said Sam Inglot, deputy communications director for Progress Michigan. “But for the rest of Michigan and the communities we care about, Bill Schuette has been a nightmare — one we’re glad to be waking up from. Better days are ahead with Bill Schuette out of office.”

Schuette used the Office of Attorney General to push a radical, corporate-backed agenda and tried to stymy progress at every turn. Some highlights include:

“There’s a reason the name Shady Schuette stuck amongst everyone in the political spectrum. Schuette has never been considered a great legal mind or a staunch defender of the public good,” Inglot continued. “What he’s known for is naked political ambition. An ambition that was resoundingly snuffed out by the people of Michigan who refused to buy his pyramid scheme snake oil. For nearly a decade, he used his public office to stump for himself and his own political ascension. He sought to build his own power by cozying up to right-wing interests who had short-term profits and backwards philosophies as their main goal. Michigan’s communities and families have suffered because of Bill Schuette. We say good riddance to Bill Schuette. Michigan will be better without him.”


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