Schuette’s Auto Insurance Problem

It’s not news to anyone that Michigan has the highest auto insurance rates in the country.  But what may be a surprise is Bill Schuette’s record of supporting policies that jack up auto insurance rates for Michigan’s working families, especially in urban areas.

Bill Schuette released an ad saying he would tackle that issue. The only problem is Schuette isn’t offering any solutions to one of the biggest problems with high auto insurance rates: redlining. This is a process by which insurance companies charge higher rates in urban areas where black and brown folks live compared to white areas.

“Detroit drivers pay some of the highest auto insurance premiums in the country and insurance companies cannot justify it any longer. It doesn’t make sense that drivers are getting charged significantly more for premiums simply because they live on one side of 8 Mile versus the other, but that’s exactly what’s happening,” said the head of the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault.

Bill Schuette has said nothing about redlining, which has contributed to the sky-high costs of auto insurance. In fact, when he was in the state senate, he voted for a bill that allowed redlining.

That’s right, Bill Schuette blames “Lansing’s failures” for high auto insurance rates and yet he fails to mention the hand he had in making our wallet-busting prices so damn high, especially in areas like Detroit.

Republicans like Bill Schuette have had complete control of state government for nearly a decade. They have done nothing to fix Michigan’s high auto insurance rates. Can Bill Schuette be trusted when he won’t even own up to his own record?

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