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April 2, 2018

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Schuette Silent as Nugent Attacks Shooting Survivors

Nugent said Parkland student activists “have no soul”

LANSING — Prominent Bill Schuette supporter Ted Nugent recently said the Parkland shooting survivors protesting for gun reform “have no soul.” Bill Schuette needs to renounce Nugent’s support and endorsement, which he has continued to enjoy despite a string of Nugent-induced controversies aimed at the teenage shooting survivors.

“Bill Schuette cannot be silent in the face of bullying aimed at gun violence survivors from one of his prominent supporters,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Bill Schuette claims to have a ‘friendship’ with Nugent and I have to wonder what kind of person has friends who constantly attack and try to degrade teenage shooting survivors. Schuette cannot claim he wants to stand up for victims when he touts the endorsement of such a despicable person. Schuette needs to renounce Nugent’s endorsement and speak out against the claims made by his so-called friend.”

Schuette continues to host a press release on his website touting the support of Nugent. In the release, Schuette says he’s “honored to have the strong endorsement of Ted Nugent…” In February, Nugent was also caught spreading lies about the survivors being actors and, yet again, Schuette was silent.

“It shouldn’t be difficult to denounce Nugent for anyone who values decency and a sense of right and wrong. Nugent is clearly wrong, but he’s also an NRA board member, which is probably why Schuette is afraid to call him out,” Scott continued. “Michigan deserves an attorney general who isn’t afraid to stand up to a bully like Nugent. Instead, we have Bill Schuette.”


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