The least you can do when someone invites you to do something is politely decline. Not answering is just plain rude. And when you want to be the top elected official in the state and you decline to even respond to questions posed by a media outlet, that’s just shady.

Enter Bill Schuette, who for some reason chose to not weigh in at all on two issues that are of serious importance to Michigan: toxic cleanup sites and lead pipes.

Bridge Magazine has published two pieces (Here and Here) featuring gubernatorial candidates responses on how they would handle those issues. The topics are pertinent considering the problems with lead pipes in Flint and around the state and the toxic site cleanup funds running dangerously low while issues like the Wolverine dump sites in Grand Rapids continue to be a major concern for residents.

Bridge asked eight gubernatorial candidates from both the Democratic and Republican Parties where they stood on these issues. While some people, like State Sen. Patrick Colbeck, gave the same cookie cutter non-answer to both questions, at least he responded.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on the other hand? “Did not respond,” according to Bridge.

Bill Schuette has had opinions on everything from sunscreen and ice sculptures to ice cream and euchre, but he can’t be bothered to weigh in and let residents know where he stands on issues that are critical to public health? That doesn’t make sense.

Maybe the reason Schuette didn’t respond is because he doesn’t have a good answer (not that that stopped Colbeck, however) because when it comes to environmental issues that are about protecting public health, Schuette is not on our side. He has an abysmal environmental record and has fought against measures to limit toxins in our air and water. Schuette only cares about himself and his corporate donors, not Michigan families.

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