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December 15, 2017

Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574,

Schuette Uses Public Funds to Stack Office with Political Allies

AG is using his office for political gain, rather than protecting the people

MICHIGAN — Attorney General Bill Schuette is loading up his public office with political allies who are clearly on the public payroll to help his bid for governor. According to an in-depth Detroit Free Press story published today, Schuette has even awarded $130,000 in public money for no-bid contracts to Republican allies in an obvious effort to bolster his campaign heading into the GOP primary.

“We’ve always known that Bill Schuette was as shady as they come and we can clearly see that with how he handles his office,” said Sam Inglot, project director for “Schuette is using his public office and taxpayer funds — which are supposed to go to protecting the people of Michigan — to advance his own political career. The Office of Attorney General isn’t supposed to be used like a slush fund and Bill Schuette knows that, he just doesn’t care.”

When pointed out that Schuette was hiring Republican operatives and political allies to public positions, Schuette said, “They’d better be, or they’re not going to be working for me.” He later went on to say that he hires people who have a relationship with him.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Schuette began stacking his office with GOP political operatives just prior to his gubernatorial announcement in September. “Schuette also has used no-bid state contracts to pay more than $130,000 to two influential Republicans,” the Freep reports. The story even points out how Schuette’s driver — who is paid $82,000 a year — also doubles as his campaign treasurer.

“Schuette’s office has been caught using private email accounts for state business, and conducting questionable activities on the taxpayers’ time. Schuette isn’t interested in protecting the people of Michigan. His only concern is becoming the next governor of Michigan,” Inglot continued.


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