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November 30, 2017

Contact: Sam Inglot, 616-916-0574,

Progress Michigan Calls for Congressman John Conyers to Resign

Evidence of sexual harassment and abuse of power of his office leaves Conyers with no other choice

LANSING — Progress Michigan is calling for the resignation of Congressman John Conyers in light of the overwhelming evidence of sexual harassment and assault.

The following statement can be attributed to the entire Progress Michigan staff:

“John Conyers must resign because of his alleged behavior towards women and using his office to both facilitate harassment and to cover it up. There is no amount of good works prior to or during these deplorable acts for Conyers to claim as a reason for staying in office. Abuse is unacceptable no matter if the person doing it is a civil rights icon, a news anchor or the President. John Conyer’s legacy does not absolve him from accountability, now is the time for resignation.

While our thoughts are with the Congressman and his family as they deal with his recent hospitalization, we cannot ignore the victims of his harassment and our thoughts are with them also as they deal with the unwanted scrutiny and the pain he caused in their lives.”


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