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Did Brian Calley Accuse Bill Schuette of Misconduct in Office?

This week, Lt. Governor Brian Calley made the following statement to Nolan Finley on 910AM in Detroit about Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Flint investigation:

“I don’t think there’s any chance whatsoever they would have been charged with the things they’ve been charged with if Bill Schuette was not running for governor. I don’t see how anybody could possibly challenge that conclusion.”

Calley’s words are more than political rhetoric, he in essence is accusing Bill Schuette of using his office for personal political gain. This is a serious accusation by the sitting Lt. Governor against the sitting Attorney General and deserves to be explored further.

Misconduct in office by a public officer is a common law offense subject to the provisions of MCLA 750.505. The common law offense of misconduct in office has been defined as “corrupt behavior by an officer in the exercise of the duties of his office or while acting under color of his office. In addition, MCL 169.257 prohibits the use of public resources in all elections.

Is Brian Calley accusing Bill Schuette of misfeasance (the performance of an act in a wrongful manner)? If so, he needs to clarify his words and take action to protect the people being harmed by Schuette’s alleged actions.

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