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November 16, 2017

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Progress Michigan Blasts Bill Schuette for Ducking Accountability, Filing Frivolous Appeals

Attorney General seeks to delay lawsuit demanding release of emails from personal accounts used to conduct state business

LANSING — Progress Michigan is calling out Attorney General Bill Schuette for filing frivolous appeals to delay a lawsuit that seeks to make public the contents of personal email accounts used for state business by Schuette and his staff. The lawsuit was filed by Progress Michigan after the Attorney General’s office denied a Freedom of Information Act request seeking release of all emails from personal accounts used to conduct state business.

“We already know Bill Schuette is as shady as they come, but using taxpayer dollars to defend his irresponsible use of personal email accounts to hide state business from the public is low even for Schuette,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Bill Schuette doesn’t seem interested in defending the people of Michigan but he sure knows how to use their tax dollars to defend himself.”

The appeals could delay the case for months, keeping the people of Michigan in the dark about state business done with the secrecy of private, personal email accounts. Progress Michigan intends to continue to hold Bill Schuette and any of his staff accountable for using personal email accounts.

“Bill Schuette seems to think he’s above the law and only accountable to his corporate donors and not the people,” Scott continued. “It seems Bill Schuette is trying to hide the contents of these emails and will use any means, and as many public dollars, necessary to keep the people of Michigan in the dark.”


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