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October 25, 2017

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Progress Michigan Calls on Michigan State University to Divest From Hate

Investments in Robert Mercer companies calls into the question Michigan State’s commitment to diversity

LANSING — Progress Michigan is calling on Michigan State University to divest all investments made with companies backed by Robert Mercer, the co-owner of Breitbart, a website that pushes white supremacy. The Michigan State University Investment Office has invested $50 million in Renaissance Technologies, a company ran by Mercer that has allowed him to use his fortune to finance hate in America.

“A public university should be wary of where it invests its money,” said Denzel McCampbell and Sam Inglot, the deputy communications directors at Progress Michigan, who are also MSU alumni. “Robert Mercer does not share the values that Michigan State University espouses such as inclusiveness, diversity, and a safe campus for everyone.”

Michigan State University students have called on MSU to divest from Mercer and the hate he espouses. Progress Michigan joins the students in calling on MSU to do the right thing.

“There’s nothing confusing about these investments. Michigan State University has a moral obligation to divest from Renaissance Technologies or they must admit that the University is comfortable funding hate,” McCampbell and Inglot continued. “There is no middle ground when it comes to supporting hate directly or indirectly. Michigan State owes it to the people of this state who pay taxes and students who pay tuition to invest their money in a responsible manner.”



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