Top Snyder aide, Harvey Hollins, knew about Flint’s legionella issue in March of 2015.  He claimed at the time that he didn’t inform the governor until January of 2016. Governor Snyder told Congress the same story under oath.

However, when Hollins was under oath he changed his tune and testified that he told Governor Snyder in December of 2015. Now Republicans and Democrats on the House Oversight Committee have given Snyder two weeks to clear up his testimony.

There are three possibilties: Either Hollins lied last week under oath or Rick Snyder lied to Congress under oath or they both lied and we still don’t know who knew what and when they knew it when it comes to Flint

This type of behavior is owed to the fact that Governor Snyder and his team has operated without checks and balances that the Attorney General is supposed to provide. Instead of getting to the bottom of Flint when people were holding up brown water and being ignored by Snyder’s Department of Environmental Quality, Schuette spent his time acting like a defense lawyer for large corporations. Bill Schuette has his own share of the blame for what happened in Flint.

From day one of the Flint Water Crisis, Rick Snyder has acted like he was the victim of a political game and failed to fix the damage he caused in Flint. Bill Schuette has postured in front of cameras and failed to hold Snyder accountable. But, with Hollins’ testimony contradicting Snyder’s, the lies and deceit of the Snyder administration may finally come to light.


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