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April 25, 2017

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Bill Schuette Chooses Corporate Donor Betsy DeVos over Student Loan Borrowers

Attorneys General across the country send letter opposing the repeal of consumer protections for borrowers

LANSING — Progress Michigan is calling out Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette for failing to take action to protect student loan borrowers. Attorneys General from across the country, including from Midwestern states Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa, have joined together to oppose Donald Trump and Education Secretary Betsy Devos’ scheme to repeal consumer protections for student loan borrowers. In a letter to DeVos, the signers note how multiple investigations have revealed abuses in the servicing of student loans and how shoddy practices harm borrowers. Attorney General Bill Schuette failed to sign on to the letter.

“Once again, Bill Schuette can’t be bothered to stick up for average people and challenge the status quo. Students with debt across Michigan are the ones who pay for Schuette’s indifference,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “For years, our Attorney General bragged about bringing lawsuits against the federal government on behalf of polluters, but now he is missing in action when it comes to helping students. Instead, he’s standing with Donald Trump — the architect of Trump University — and his billionaire backer, Betsy DeVos.”

Donald Trump settled a class action lawsuit brought by students of “Trump University” for $25 million in January just before assuming office, while these anti-student measures are being implemented by the Department of Education which is under control of Betsy DeVos.

Bill Schuette endorsed Trump early in the election and has taken $102,800 in campaign contributions from the DeVos family since 2009.

“It doesn’t take a person with an advanced degree and large student debt to figure out that in Bill Schuette’s world those with cash get access and those who don’t get ignored,” Scott continued. “When it comes to Betsy DeVos it’s clear that Bill Schuette gets the goldmine and student loan borrowers get the shaft.”


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