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February 14, 2017

Contact: Hugh Madden, 734-250-2070,

Progress Michigan Applauds House and Senate Democrats for Bills to Address Unemployment Insurance Agency

Bills needed after latest Republican privatization scheme, GOP attacks on working families 

LANSING — Progress Michigan is applauding the sponsors of a package a bills that would fix Michigan’s unemployment insurance system. The bills, introduced today, are in response to a system put in place by the Snyder administration that falsely accused unemployed workers of fraud. In addition, the package of bills includes a restoration of benefits to 26 weeks.

“The fact that this legislation is needed is an indictment of the Snyder administration and Attorney General Schuette. The MIDAS program was a $50 million boondoggle that needlessly caused harm to people who were just trying to get the help they deserved, yet the Snyder administration failed to admit its mistakes and the Attorney General prosecuted the victims instead of defending them,” said Hugh Madden, communications director of Progress Michigan. “Michigan workers have lost ground during the last six years of total Republican control and we applaud the sponsors of these bills for addressing these important issues.”


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