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December 20, 2016

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Schuette’s Charges Against Ex-Emergency Managers Doesn’t Change Law

For real accountability, legislature must overhaul disastrous EM law

MICHIGAN — Despite the fact that Attorney General Bill Schuette has charged two former emergency managers for their role in the Flint Water Crisis, the Republican-backed emergency manager law has yet to be changed to ensure more accountability.

“The emergency manager law is fundamentally flawed because it takes away the people’s right to vote and has remained unchanged since the Flint Water Crisis began. Bill Schuette bringing charges against these emergency managers is ironic because he actually fought to preserve this undemocratic system of governing. Given that the only person emergency managers are answer to is the governor, we hope the investigation will continue to reach higher until everyone involved is brought to justice,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Frankly, the entire law needs to be relocated to the scrap heap of history or, in the very least, significantly altered until that day comes. This law was overturned by a vote of the people, but was then forced back on them by a Republican-controlled state government. Michigan continues to be a place where your right to vote is conditional on your zip code.”


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