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September 8, 2016

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Does Trump Hush Money Reach Michigan AG?

Donation to Republican Attorneys General Association followed donation to Florida AG Pam Bondi 

LANSING — Progress Michigan, a government watchdog and progressive advocacy group, is raising questions surrounding a 2014 contribution to the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) from Donald Trump. The $5,000 contribution came after Trump’s previous donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi raised questions after she dropped an investigation into Trump University. Bondi was chair of RAGA at the time Trump’s contribution to RAGA. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is the current chair of the group.

“This is one more in a series of questionable contributions from Donald Trump. This contribution shows that his hush money was targeted not just to Pam Bondi – but may have included all Republican Attorneys General,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “As chair of RAGA, Bill Schuette needs to make it clear that he is not running a pay-to-play operation where contributors get a free pass on corruption.”

In 2014, a New York Times article highlighted the cozy relationships between lobbyists and Attorneys General. In response, Progress Michigan sought all communications between Attorney General Schuette’s office and lobbyists. That FOIA request showed that Bill Schuette conducted official state business using private emails.

As chair of the Republican Attorneys General Association, Bill Schuette needs to come clean on the following questions:

1. Did Donald Trump’s contribution to RAGA grant him preferential treatment from any of the 27 Attorneys General who are members of the group?

2. Did Bill Schuette play a role in soliciting the contribution from Trump?

3. Did Trump’s money play a role in Bill Schuette’s early and robust cheerleading for Trump?

4. Is Bill Schuette running a pay-to-play operation at RAGA?

5. Will RAGA release any and all communications between RAGA officials and Donald Trump related to his contribution?

“Bill Schuette has already admitted to using personal email to conduct state business but he has refused to come clean about his work at RAGA,” Scott continued. “Michiganders and all Americans deserve answers to the questions raised by this contribution.”


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