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September 12, 2016

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Steve Marino: Sleazy Lobbyist or Opportunistic Liar?

Even the Republican, wannabe lawmaker can’t tell the difference

LANSING — A former lobbyist vying to be a state representative has been caught gossiping about alleged alcohol-fueled antics involving current and former high-ranking Michigan Republican Party state officials.

Steve Marino, a Macomb County Commissioner and Republican state representative candidate in the 24th House District, has said he paid for drunk Republican bar tabs, wedding costs, and cab rides home for an intoxicated lawmaker. The comments were made to a constituent at a coffee hour. Marino has said the comments he made were “gross mischaracterizations.”

“Steve Marino’s claims are either outrageous lies, or he has just admitted that Michigan Republicans treat our government like one big frat house with Marino playing the role of a hopeful pledge,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Whether Marino is lying to constituents in a pathetic effort to rile them up for their vote, or he participated in a sleazy lobbyist culture in Lansing, both are gross betrayals of public trust. No matter how the truth shakes out, the people of his district — and all of Michigan — deserve better than this.”


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