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September 20, 2016

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Snyder: Election Season More Important Than Helping Flint Families

Despite enduring problems in #FlintWaterCrisis, MI Republicans have other priorities

LANSING — According to a Tuesday report from MLive, Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan’s legislative Republicans are more concerned about the election season than fixing the problem they created in Flint with their policies. 

“Rick Snyder is saying that the election is more important than helping Flint families, who to this day cannot safely drink their water,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “This proves that the Michigan Republican Party, despite having total control over state government, cannot effectively govern — even when lives depend on it. Tabling solutions to the worst environmental and human health crisis in our state’s history cannot wait until after the election. Flint deserves action now.”

From MLive:

Snyder when asked about policy changes stemming from the water crisis on Tuesday noted that the legislature already had a lot on their plates.

“This is important so we’re going to continue to work towards getting something done. It’s just a question with an election season and a short legislative session how much can be accomplished given what they already had on their list of action items,” Snyder said.

In a clear case of having the wrong priorities, news broke Monday that a fund set up by Snyder would be paying for ads touting Republican House candidates. Audio from Snyder is featured in the ads, which tout the state’s supposed “comeback” despite the continued problems in Flint.

“Rather than doing voiceovers for GOP campaign ads, Snyder should be showing some leadership for once and pushing his conservative colleagues to take action on polices,” Scott continued. “Michigan Republicans’ response to this crisis has been abysmal and their willingness to wait even longer to propose policy solutions to this crisis is a dereliction of duty to the people of Michigan they swore to serve.”


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