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January 6, 2015

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Snyder Signs Election Bill and Then Says ‘Fix It’

Gov. Snyder once again has taken a swipe at democracy and local control

MICHIGAN — Gov. Rick Snyder has signed SB571, a hastily rewritten bill that was passed in the dead of night by the GOP-controlled legislature. Snyder’s signature means local governments cannot reach out to the community during millage renewals and important local elections. However, despite signing the bill, Gov. Snyder says that issue needs to be fixed.

“Who in their right mind states that a major portion of a piece of legislation is problematic and hears the same thing from colleagues within their own party, but still signs it into law anyway?” questioned Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Anyone who had any thought that Snyder was a ‘nerd’ who only made pragmatic and logical decisions can just throw that notion out the window at this point. You don’t sign a bill that you have major complaints about and then ask for retroactive changes. That’s not how you negotiate. Gov. Snyder is placing a dangerous bet on a legislature that has shown complete contempt for his wishes and he’s gambling with our democracy. ”


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