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October 21, 2015

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Back To The Future? Nope, Blast From the Past

Progress Michigan responds to terrible House GOP roads plan

MICHIGAN — Progress Michigan responded to yet another late-night House session where this time — rather than dealing with cheating legislators — the House GOP was trying to cheat Michigan voters out of a decent roads plan.

“It’s late and conservatives must be confused. Only the Michigan GOP could look at crumbling roads, underfunded schools and struggling communities and think, ‘you know what? We need less revenue,’” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Once again the House GOP has passed a bill that not only fails to fully fund roads but also relies on unspecified general fund cuts, likely to result in less money for schools, public safety and other critical programs. It’s fitting that they’d pass this type of legislation after dark — it’s basically a nightmare.”

The House-approved plan is basically the same terrible idea pushed by the GOP back in June. This time, there’s an income tax rollback that will make it even more difficult to make needed investments in Michigan communities.

“Governor Snyder and Senate Leader Meekhof should reject this reckless plan immediately,” Scott continued.“The people of Michigan want a real roads solution that solves the problems with our roads without creating even more in our schools and local communities.”


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