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July 10, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

ALEC State Chair Dishonest in WNEM Interview About ALEC Bills

Sen. Green’s ALEC-model legislation moved from committee just days before interview aired

LANSING — During an interview with WNEM, the Co-Chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) Michigan chapter, Senator Mike Green, said he couldn’t recall ever introducing model legislation from the corporate bill mill. Progress Michigan is happy to remind Sen. Green of the origins of the legislation he has introduced.

Green has introduced at least two pieces of related ALEC model legislation over the past few years – including one that was moved out of committee just last week.

“It sounds like Sen. Green has ALEC-induced amnesia,” said Sam Inglot, communications specialist with Progress Michigan. “He seems to have conveniently forgotten that he has continually pushed for ALEC model legislation over the years. It would appear that Sen. Green is so influenced by ALEC’s corporate lobbyists that he doesn’t remember which bills are theirs and which are his own.”

Sen. Green introduced an ALEC model federal balanced budget amendment bill in April and that bill just moved out of committee on July 1.The bill is nearly identical to a bill featured on ALEC’s website.

Green was at it again for ALEC in 2013, when he introduced another model resolution that also pushed for a balanced federal budget. That resolution was also nearly identical to ALEC legislation published on their website.

“Sen. Green’s constituents should be very concerned about the influence this corporate bill mill has over their elected representative when a state senator cannot remember the origins of the legislation he introduces,” Inglot continued. “The only goal of ALEC is to move power and resources into the hands of corporations at the expense of workers, families and communities.”

It should be noted that economists have said Green’s balanced budget bill would have “profound collateral damage” if passed.



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