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June 11, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Senate Committee Sides with Corporate Lobbyists Over Michigan Citizens

Death Star bill moves one step closer to stripping local governments of power to protect citizens

MICHIGAN — Today, the Senate Michigan Competitiveness Committee passed House Bill 4052, also known as the Death Star bill, which would take away the ability of local governments to pass ordinances to raise wages, protect workers and ensure communities benefit from local development.

The bill passed out of the Committee by a 4-1 margin. The Republicans who voted for the legislation have received more than $100,000 over the years in campaign donations from the corporate lobbyists who supported the legislation.

Republican Senators on the committee received the following from pro-Death Star lobbying groups over the years: Mike Shirkey – $11,750; Jim Stamas – $23,750; David Robertson – $49,950; John Proos – $24,700.

“Once again, conservative elected officials have shown us that they would rather do the bidding of corporate lobbyists instead of respecting the right of local governments to pass laws that protect Michigan citizens,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “This bill is nothing but an attempt to pad the pockets of corporations at the expense of local communities’ right to have a say in how their friends, family and neighbors are treated on the job. These elected officials are clearly bought and paid for by their corporate backers.”

Donations from organizations that support the bill include the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Restaurant Association, Small Business Association of Michigan, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, Michigan Retailers Association, Associated Builders & Contractors of Michigan, Michigan Manufacturers Association, and ABC of Michigan PAC.

The bill is now before the full Senate for consideration.

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