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June 10, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Gov. Snyder Must Veto Adoption Discrimination Bills

Bills would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against families

LANSING — Following the passage of adoption discrimination bills in the Michigan Senate, Progress Michigan called on Gov. Rick Snyder to veto the legislation as soon as it hits his desk.

The bills would allow adoption agencies to deny services to prospective parents based on religious beliefs regardless of what is best for the child.

“Gov. Snyder has claimed he wants to make Michigan a welcoming place and that he doesn’t believe in discrimination. It’s time for him to act on those supposed convictions and veto this dangerous legislation,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Conservative elected officials have been hell-bent in their quest to enshrine discrimination into state law and this is the next chapter of that effort. Discrimination has no place in Michigan and this legislation will ultimately hurt children, loving families and the entire state. Gov. Snyder has the opportunity to prove that the welfare of children in our state is more important than partisan politics. We urge him to veto this bill immediately.”



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