Leave it to conservatives like the Michigan GOP to completely fumble a “Let’s thank the teachers” message during National Teacher Appreciation Week.

In a feigned attempt to seem like they actually care about teachers, the @MIGOP Twitter account put out this image:

There are three things wrong with this tweet:

  1. There are no teachers in this picture.
  1. Mitt Romney was quoted in 2012 saying we don’t need more teachers in this country.
  1. For years, conservatives have attacked teachers and the unions where they organize. From Right to Work, massive investment cuts to our schools, moving education reform policy away from educators to accountants, and lifting the cap on cyber schools — Michigan Republicans have proven that they don’t value the work that teachers do and don’t support them as professionals.

Progressives value opportunity for all, which is impossible without a stalwart public education system where every kid gets a shot at making the most of themselves. That’s impossible to do without teachers. We thank them every day by fighting for properly funded neighborhood schools, elevating the voices of teachers in policy discussions, and ensuring they’re supported in the classrooms.

Thank you, teachers across Michigan.

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