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May 5, 2015

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Prop 1 Results Show Voters Want Corporations and the Wealthy to Pay Fair Share

Progress Michigan poll shows voters are tired of bearing the brunt of business tax giveaways

MICHIGAN — With today’s defeat of Proposal 1, it’s clear that voters don’t trust Gov. Rick Snyder and believe the middle class has paid their fair share for public services, according to a March poll commissioned by Progress Michigan.

“Tonight’s vote is a clear rejection of Gov. Snyder’s anti-family economic policies,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “Voters want everyone to pay their fair share to fix the roads – including Gov. Snyder’s corporate donors and his business allies.”

In late March, Progress Michigan released poll results of a Google Consumer Survey showing opposition to Proposal 1 was largely driven by voters’ sentiment that the current proposal may be asking too much of middle class families, not general opposition to taxes. Respondents largely wanted corporations to pay more in taxes and rejected education cuts to pay for road repairs.

“Our elected leaders were sent to Lansing to make tough choices on behalf of those they represent, not those who can donate the most to their campaigns,” Scott continued. “Voters want a sensible solution that includes everyone paying their fair share. There are no roads left to kick the can down, so our representatives should start tomorrow with a plan to fix our roads without robbing schools or slashing our social safety net. The business community who has benefitted handsomely from the tax cuts Gov. Snyder gave them in 2011 should step up to do what is right and help be a part of the solution to Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure.”


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