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The world of politics is fast-paced and non-stop. We at Progress Michigan work hard every day to provide progressives a place to turn when conservative-run government runs amok. We consider ourselves to be a part of the internal fabric of the progressive movement and we fight daily to give progressives a voice in a world where those with the most money often drown out the voices of those who have less. It is a fight we are proud to be a part of, but we don’t do it alone.

It isn’t often that you will see an organization ask for money for someone else. But as progressives we have to stand together. Today, Eclectablog needs our help. They are in the middle of their second quarter fundraiser and are still short of their goal.

Over the past 10 years, Chris Savage has built Eclectablog into an amazing blog. He has broken stories and run in-depth series on the Education Achievement Authority, charter schools and just about every other progressive issue you and I care about, often honing in on stories the mainstream media have missed or won’t cover.

What most people don’t know is that Chris doesn’t get major funding for his blog and, in fact, he has supported the blog out of his own pocket to pay his amazing team. He relies on donations and ad buys, both of which are slower in non-election years.

Chris never asks for much and is always there when we, the progressive community, need him. It is time for us to have his back. I’m making my donation right now and I hope that you will join me.

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