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March 9, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Why is Bill Schuette Trying to Intimidate the Media?

Huffpo’s Dana Liebelson subpoenaed for written notes regarding juvenile corrections story

MICHIGAN — Progress Michigan is asking why Attorney General Bill Schuette is harassing a national reporter who was in Michigan last week reporting on juvenile prison conditions.

According to her Twitter account, Huffington Post reporter Dana Liebelson says she was followed across the state by an Attorney General’s office employee and subpoenaed on two separate occasions for her written notes, which she called an “intimidating” experience.

“The First Amendment is a pillar of our democracy and reporters deserve to go about their business of holding officials accountable without being harassed,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan. “This incident raises red flags as to why the Attorney General would go to such great lengths to try and intimidate a reporter. What is he afraid of?”

“I have an announcement: Last week, during a reporting trip on juvenile prison conditions, I was served 2 subpoenas by Michigan’s AG office,” Liebelson wrote on Twitter.

“I had permission to visit two prisons. I was not permitted to bring a recording device. The subpoenas are asking for my handwritten notes,” she continued.

In a tweet with a picture of the subpoena, she wrote, “A rep for Michigan’s AG followed me 2 hours across the state to deliver the second subpoena. It was intimidating.” She went on to say, “I followed all the rules and regulations required by the prisons. I do not understand why Michigan is interfering with my reporting process.”

Progress Michigan wonders the same thing, why is Bill Schuette interfering with her reporting process?

She ended by Tweeting, “Last thing: No, I have not written anything yet, and yes, I plan on going forward with my story.”


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