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March 4, 2015

Contact: Hugh Madden,

Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Crusade Against Michigan Families Reaches Supreme Court

King v Burwell could strip Michiganders of health insurance coverage and raise taxes on hard working families 

LANSING — Today, the United State Supreme Court heard oral arguments in King v Burwell, a case that threatens to strip Michigan families of their privately purchased health insurance. The case seeks to eliminate tax subsidies for residents living in states that use the federal health care exchange set up as part of the Affordable Care Act.  Attorney General Bill Schuette joined the case arguing against the subsidies.

“Attorney General Schuette has once again chosen to pursue an ideological agenda rather than represent the interests of the citizens of Michigan,” said Hugh Madden, communications director at Progress Michigan.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 676,026 Michigan citizens will see a tax hike on their health care if the Supreme Court sides with Bill Schuette and the other plaintiffs in the case. The average family would lose $2,890 per year in tax credits, possibly leading some families to lose health insurance.

“The role of Michigan’s Attorney General has historically been to fight for the people of Michigan including consumer protections. Bill Schuette’s position in this case flies in the face of common sense, legal precedence and the tradition of Michigan Attorney General”, continued Madden. “We need an Attorney General who is a voice for us, not a right-wing ideologue who seeks to victimize Michigan families by raising the cost of health care.”



  1. How he got re-elected is beyond me? I get that negative campaigns are bad, but someone needed to point out the public how very little he likes and respects the actual people of Michigan. Why didn’t our tv, radio and newspaper people tell this story?

  2. Bill Schuette is a useless human being! He would rather the people in Michigan go without and die than to help them! Hey Schuette, these are the people that voted for your nasty a$$! I sure didn’t because I checked into you! You are a hateful man!

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