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February 25, 2015

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Progress Michigan Calls on GOP to Support Net Neutrality

For once, Senate Republicans should support equality, not corporate giants

LANSING — Earlier today, according to media reports, the Senate Republicans passed a non-binding resolution urging President Barack Obama, Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to not support net neutrality.

Net neutrality rules will be discussed later this week by the FCC, which seeks to regulate the Internet like a public utility and will prohibit massive telecommunications corporations from speeding up or slowing down connection speeds to specific websites. Supporters of net neutrality say the rules will maintain equality across the web and will prevent wealthy corporations from picking and choosing based on a pay-to-play model who gets the faster connections.

“Net neutrality is a complicated federal issue that should be discussed in-depth without ramming through meaningless resolutions,” said Hugh Madden, communications director of Progress Michigan. “Sen. Kowall should do some research on the issues before doing the bidding of corporate lobbyists and campaign donors who only want to monopolize the Internet for their own profit.”

Progress Michigan supports the proposed FCC rules because it will ensure an equal playing field on the Internet for Michigan’s citizens and businesses.


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