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October 8, 2014

Contact: Sam Inglot,

Is Terri Lynn Land Advocating for Another Government Shutdown?

Land wouldn’t have supported bill to end 2013 government shutdown

MICHIGAN — Terri Lynn Land recently posted a graphic on her Facebook page that said, “Let’s send a mom to the U.S. Senate — Terri Lynn Land. Washington needs a time-out.”

Is Terri Lynn Land advocating for another government shutdown? Land has been consistently and purposefully unspecific about her ideas for Michigan. But what we do know is that Land said back in December 2013 that she would not have supported the bill to end the crippling government shutdown.

“Terri Lynn Land’s party already gave Washington a ‘time-out’ and it cost our economy $18 million a day and caused many Americans hardships. Washington doesn’t need another time-out they need leadership, a characteristic that Land clearly doesn’t posses,” said Sam Inglot, communications specialist for Progress Michigan. “Land is either advocating for another government shutdown or she doesn’t even take her own rhetoric seriously. The question needs to be asked.”

Terri Lynn Land has consistently dodged questions over the last year and half. Recently, she was asked on Michigan Public Radio’s Michigan Calling program about what federal program she would eliminate and she refused to answer the question.

“As a supposed fiscal conservative vying for the United States Senate, you’d think Land would know at least one program that she would want to cut,” Inglot continued. “But what’s equally disturbing is that she would’ve supported the government shutdown that cost the U.S. economy roughly $24 billion. That’s not putting Michigan first, that’s putting politics over people.”


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