On September 5th, Governor Rick Snyder will be on Michigan Public Radio’s “Michigan Calling” program and will be taking questions from Michiganders. 

The program will air from 9-10 a.m. Friday morning. Callers can submit questions at (866) 255-2762 as well as on Facebook at “Michigan Calling,” or on Twitter with the #MICalling hashtag. 

Now is the perfect time to hold Gov. Snyder accountable for his wrong priorities. Below are some questions that YOU can ask the governor:

-How many jobs have been created by the $1.8 billion dollar tax giveaway that you gave corporations that was paid for by seniors, families and school kids?

-Why do you continue to allow Aramark to operate in our state prisons despite a long track record of dangerous contract violations?

-Why won’t you support same sex marriage and same sex adoption? Why do you continue to discriminate against LGBT Michiganders?

-How many jobs have been created that you can directly attribute to Right to Work?

-Why did you cut funding for public education by $1 billion to pay for a massive corporate tax giveaway?

-Do you have a problem with corruption in your administration? Several top-ranking officials have resigned because they were abusing their positions.

-Why did you sign legislation allowing coal ash, a toxic byproduct of coal-burning power plants, to be spread on farm fields?

-How do you justify spending $41 million dollars on a furniture contract that benefitted your cousin as you raise taxes on seniors?

-Could you please justify how the pension tax isn’t a tax, like you claimed to a group of seniors?

-In your recent campaign ad, you said that voters might not “feel” that Michigan is getting better right now. Are you saying you’ve failed to help Michigan families since you took office?

-If fixing the roads has been such a priority for you, why have you failed to get the legislature to act?

-Many people believe the legislature is circumventing the vote of the people, like with the rape insurance, minimum wage and wolf hunt debate. Do you think the legislature should let Michiganders vote on these important issues?

-Why did you sign legislation removing protections for critical sand dunes along Lake Michigan?

Together we can hold Gov. Rick Snyder accountable for his wrong priorities!

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