Governor Snyder released a new ad in which he reminds us that he’s an accountant and our governor. The ad also reminds us that Rick Snyder has failed to lead Michigan to economic recovery.

Yes, you heard that right – Rick Snyder’s first post-Labor Day message to voters is, “You might not feel it yet, but you will soon.” Those are not the words of a successful governor running for re-election. Those are the words of a snake oil salesman, “Oh boy, my elixir hasn’t cured you yet? You might not feel the effects, but just wait – you will.”

But the worst part of the ad is that Michiganders DO feel the effects of Rick Snyder’s policies. The problem is that Snyder’s Relentless Corporate-fueled Not-So-Fast Acting Elixir has a pretty bitter taste. Here are just a few people feeling “it”:

  • Seniors paying the new Snyder Retirement Tax are feeling it.
  • Children stuffed into classrooms with 34 other students are feeling it.
  • Working families whose Earned Income Tax Credit Snyder cut are feeling it.
  • Motorists feel it every time they hit a pothole that Snyder has failed to fix.

Ronald Reagan once asked, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Rick Snyder has turned that on its head and now declares: I know you’re not better off than you were four years ago, but just wait and let’s hope something good happens.

P.S. On the first day of school for many Michigan students, the governor who cut billions from classrooms claims to have increased investments in education. Maybe we can squeeze the governor into a math class somewhere. Any teachers out there want to volunteer?

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  1. The only people better off in Michigan are Snyder’s corporate cronies like Devos, Koch, and the Mackinac Center loons – his base the 1%. Most of us are sinking under the load of increased taxes, slashed or stagnant wages and benefits, and a public education system that Snyder and his cronies are intent on destroying. He’s worse than Engler and Engler was bad for Michigan. Vote Blue and send Sndyer and his clowns home. Then they can go join the Mackinac Center nuts and leave the rest of us alone.

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