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August 8, 2014

Progress Michigan to Gov. Snyder: Make MSHDA Head Repay Lavish Expenses, Rid Administration of Cronyism 

Woosley must reimburse taxpayers before leaving post

LANSING — According to MIRS News, Scott Woosley, the head of MSHDA, will be stepping down from his post amid controversy that he lived the high-life on the taxpayer dollar. Progress Michigan is demanding that Governor Rick Snyder force Woosley to reimburse any taxpayer money he improperly spent before leaving his position and launch a full investigation into expense reports submitted by his political appointees.

“Governor Snyder must ensure that Woosley doesn’t just cut and run after spending public funds so he could live the high-life and he should do the same for other high-ranking officials for whom he has oversight,” said Hugh Madden, communications director for Progress Michigan. “Cronyism and abuse of taxpayer dollars from senior-level officials has been commonplace in the Snyder administration and it needs to end.”

The Snyder administration has been wrought with abuse, mismanagement and cronyism involving taxpayer dollars: The head of the EAA, John Covington, spent thousands of dollars on lavish trips and a chauffeured car; ex-Treasurer Andy Dillon continued to receive a six-figure paycheck even after he resigned; Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr racked up thousands of dollars in room service bills for extravagant meals; and Governor Snyder doled out massive pay raises to treasury officials and used his administration to garner a $41 million contract that benefitted his cousin.

“We called on Woosley to be fired and he did the right thing by stepping down,” Madden continued. “Now Governor Snyder needs to take things a step further and clean up his administration. Michiganders deserve better.”


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