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April 23, 2014

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Progress Michigan Responds to Terri Lynn Land Campaign Ad

Video highlights Land’s failure to stand up for women’s issues

LANSING – Today, Progress Michigan released a video response to Terri Lynn Land’s recent campaign ad. Land’s ad made light of accusations that Land is part of the war on women and stated that she understood women due to the fact that she is a woman.

“The idea that simply being a woman makes you a supporter of women’s rights is laughable, “ said Veronica Van Loon, communications coordinator at Progress Michigan. “Terri Lynn Land is trying to cover up the fact that she supports her corporate donors interests over the needs of women.”

Terri Lynn Land has stated that she does not support access to affordable health care for women and has remained silent about Michigan’s new rape insurance law, demonstrating her disinterest in women’s issues in the state of Michigan. Recently, a video surfaced where Land explains that women are less concerned about equal pay for equal work and more concerned with flexibility in their work so they can run errands and take their children to appointments.

“Land may be a woman, but that is where the comparison ends when it comes to her understanding of the needs of Michigan women,” Van Loon continued.


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  1. Land parrots everything Koch and Devos and the Mackinac Center loons tell her to. She supports the personhood amendment which would make all abortion illegal and would also make birth control illegal. She is an extremist and it is completely laughable that she expects us to vote for her because she’s a woman. This is arrogance and ignorance on a grand scale. Women vote for candidates based on policy. Pretty simple, very plain. But she and her 1% backers don’t get it. Vote Blue 2014 – Elect Gary Peters and Mark Schauer – we will take our state back from the tea-baggers.

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