So this may come as some surprise, but the folks at Eclectablog don’t make a ton of money. In fact, the owner – Chris Savage – doesn’t make any money. Anything you donate he immediately distributes to pay for writers, researchers, and the technical infrastructure necessary to run a state-wide website geared towards holding Michigan’s elected officials accountable.

If there’s a gathering of progressives, Chris Savage is there. If the Michigan GOP defends another bigot, Amy Lynn Smith is there laying bare their hypocrisy. If conservatives are acting a fool, @LOLGOP is identifying the joker. At the end of the day, if something important is happening in Michigan politics, Eclectablog is there. The Eclectablog team brings you original reporting and exclusive coverage that you won’t find anywhere else including the professional photography and graphical memes of the talented Anne Savage.

You’re probably wondering why we’d ask our folks to donate to Eclectablog rather than ourselves, but the answer is obvious: we need Eclectablog, too. Eclectablog is an integral component of Michigans progressive community, and the stronger Eclectablog is, the stronger we all are.

Want to create a more progressive Michigan? Donate to Eclectablog and ensure Michigan’s lawmakers are held accountable.

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