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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Progress Michigan Launches ‘Snyder Fails’ Website

Campaign will hold Snyder accountable for right-wing policies hurting working families


LANSING, MI – With three years of Michigan falling behind under Governor Rick Snyder, Progress Michigan today launched a new website, This new campaign will hold the governor accountable and bring his failed right-wing agenda to light. Through this site, Progress Michigan will expose Snyder’s real record on the issues that matter to Michigan’s middle-class and working families.


“Whenever Governor Snyder works against the best interests of Michigan’s middle-class and working families, we will be there – watching, responding and holding him accountable for his right-wing agenda,” said Lonnie Scott, executive director of Progress Michigan.  “Snyder is pushing a false notion that Michigan is ‘the comeback state,’ but it’s time Snyder came back to reality. This much is clear: Snyder’s policies have failed.” will serve as a communications and organizational hub. It shows how the governor is on the side of corporations, the 1 percent and the well-connected at the expense of working families. The new website will also engage everyday Michiganders in conversation about the real-life impacts of Snyder’s bad policies and misplaced priorities.


Snyder Fails will take the governor to task over his supposed love of metrics and numbers. Featured on the site will be a “By the Numbers” section, which will track in simple math just how bad Snyder’s policies have been for Michiganders. will hold Snyder accountable through the media, produce original blog content and call out Snyder on his failed policies.


Under Snyder’s failed leadership, Michigan has cut $100 million in funding to local communities, slashed billions of dollars from school district funds and given away billions more in unaccountable tax giveaways. These failures have resulted in lower median household incomes and higher taxes for seniors and working families.  When Snyder became governor, Michigan was 2nd in job growth, but we’ve now slipped all the way down to 36th under his watch. Michigan has America’s 4th worst unemployment rate and we’ve just witnessed three straight months of increasing unemployment.


“Simply put, middle class families in Michigan are worse off now than when Snyder came into office – and it’s a direct result of his failed policies and right-wing priorities,” Scott continued. “A better Michigan won’t be realized by handing out billions of dollars of tax breaks to big business, or by cutting off resources to our neighborhood schools. Snyder’s attacks on working families will not go unchecked, and we hope you’ll join us in fighting back at”


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