This week the Michigan Attorney General’s office was admonished publicly by Ingham County Circuit Court Judge William Collette for not following judicial procedure in court following two lawsuits. This is part of a disturbing and broader trend from Republican lawmakers in Lansing, as well as a targeted assault on Michigan’s middle class families.

Attorney General Schuette’s office has disregarded court procedures three times in recent cases. Yesterday Judge Collette openly chastised Assistant Attorney General Michelle Brya for not following court protocol, and asked her “does anyone in your office anymore understand basic court procedure” and “there’s going to be some changes because I’m not getting a lot of cooperation anymore from your office.”

You can watch the WLNS news clip here:

The two lawsuits drawing attention from Judge Collette are challenging the divisive emergency manager and so-called “right to work” laws. Both took effect March 28th, 2013. Now Schuette’s office is actively trying to obstruct and delay the cases from proceeding.

This isn’t the first time Schuette’s office has wasted taxpayer dollars trying to push a partisan and divisive agenda. Schuette also joined a lawsuit challenging the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act, two years after it became law and was upheld by the Supreme Court.

It’s obvious our Attorney General has no problem trampling on the rights of Michigan women and working families.

Schuette’s assistant Attorney General Michelle Brya clearly thinks she can disregard court procedures and doesn’t need to follow the rules like the rest of us.

Michigan deserves an Attorney General who will stand up for the rule of law and work to protect middle class families – not corporate special interests.


  1. Yes Judge Collette is my new hero; finally someone is thinking clearly about what is right and wrong for Michigan’s residents. I am not surprised that the governor’s office was so quick to cast the state police under the bus for locking out the public during their lam duck session when they rammed through these laws. I know the state police are exempt from right to work; I am not sure why that is the case, but I wonder if in reflection they should have told the governor no to his request to lock out the public that day. The state police chief knows that the state violated the Open Meetings Act and citizens’ right of free speech. If right to work was such a great deal why are police and fire exempt from it anyways?

  2. these aren’t Bill Schuette’s only transgressions, check out his stance and actions towards the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and how he has tried to undermine it and the will of the 63% of the voters that voted this into law. they should all be jailed for contempt but you will never see that happen as long as we have these crooks in office.

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