Seriously. Each day he wakes up and goes to work as a chemist. Each night he comes home and goes to work as an advocate for progressive issues. And the reason is simple: Chris Savage cares. 

He cares what happens to Michigan and where America is heading. While some people get paid to go to events, Chris is there anyway, kicking back and enjoying the company of good folks like yourself. While most people are sleeping, Chris is making sure everyone knows Michigan Republicans are still trying to steal our elections.  

Eclectablog believes that citizen journalism matters, and so do we at Progress Michigan. So when Chris asked us if we could write a short testimonial for him, we said absolutely:

Eclectablog is essential reading for political news and progressive views. Chris is always a step ahead of mainstream media outlets, making and breaking news stories. In this changing media landscape, Eclectablog is more important than ever to Michigan progressives.

Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan

But Chris never asked us to write this blog. We’re doing it because we care, too. We care because Eclectablog is an important and vital part of Michigan’s progressive infrastructure. 

Chris never sleeps, and that gets tiring. So help them keep the website up, the lights running, and fresh coffee in their mugs by donating today.

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