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Monday, March 4, 2013
Contact: Jessica Tramontana,, 517-974-6302

Walberg sent misleading press release and held interview with radio station claiming he had supported the Violence Against Women Act

LANSING – Citizens’ watchdog group Progress Michigan is calling on Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) to apologize to women across Michigan. Walberg voted NO on a bill to re-authorize the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), yet sent a misleading press release claiming he had supported the legislation. Rep. Walberg also gave an evasive radio interview Friday to WTVB-FM, claiming that “I was glad and proud to be a supporter of that legislation.” According to the official Congressional roll call and his own website, Walberg was one of 138 members who opposed the legislation.

Furthermore, Wallberg’s Communications Director Sarah Kuziomka blatantly lied in an interview with MIRS News, claiming Rep. Walberg hadn’t appeared on WTVB-FM. “That must be the statement used in the media outlet referenced, since Congressman Walberg has not been a guest on that station in over three weeks,” Kuziomka falsely claimed.

“Rep. Walberg’s tall tales should be saved for bedtime stories to his daughters and granddaughters who he claims to want to protect,” said Jessica Tramontana, Communications Director for Progress Michigan. “Walberg and his staff obviously believe they’re above reproach and can simply lie their way out of any situation. Walberg owes an apology to all Michiganders. We all deserve an honest and straightforward answer from our elected leaders, and shouldn’t have to search so hard for the truth.”

This isn’t the first time Rep. Walberg has taken credit for a bill he voted against. In Walberg’s first term, he sent a press release bragging about new buses for the Jackson Transportation Authority and a new runway for W.K. Kellogg Airport, which had been included in a bill he voted against. In an editorial, the Battle Creek Enquirer said “it is the height of cynicism for politicians to think they can voice public support for issues and then turn around and vote in opposition.” [7/27/07]



Audio of Rep. Walberg’s Friday interview with WTVB-FM, which Walberg’s Communications Director claimed hadn’t happened:

Statement from Rep. Walberg’s office on passage of the Violence Against Women Act

Congressional roll call for S 47

Rep. Walberg’s vote record on his Congressional website

MIRS Capitol Capsule, March 1, 2013: “Walberg Votes Against VAWA, Causes Confusion”


  1. He doesn’t just owe an apology, he should resign or be forced to do so. Lying to constituents, the public and press is a large betrayal of the trust and duties of his office.

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