Real policy discussions take hours, not minutes. Unfortunately, most news outlets don’t have time for them and usually resort to reporting each side of an issue as equally valid. So we thought we’d take a moment to look at some of the absurd proposals Michigan Republicans are considering (and wasting taxpayer dollars on in the process).

  1. We’ve covered this extensively, but it bears repeating: Republicans are trying to rig Michigan’s elections in their favor. For example, while Romney lost Michigan by nine points he would have won more electoral votes. Lacking any real justification, Michigan Republicans have repeatedly referred to constituents’ concerns about how their votes are watered down by urban areas. This is the same as saying we’re making our bats bigger because our fans keep complaining that we’re losing.
  2. Last week, the far-right was up in arms about the possibility of Boy Scouts having to install smoke alarms in tents. Because it’s always better to freak out first and ask questions later, the far-right freaked out and then asked the Department of Human Services what they thought:

    “Common sense will prevail. We agree with the Scouts. There shouldn’t be a problem created where one doesn’t exist,” he said.

    For most people, that would be enough. But not for Michigan Republicans. Rather than focusing on jobs or improving Michigan’s education system, far-right lawmakers in Lansing introduced House Bill 4408 which would – you guessed it – make it illegal to establish rules requiring smoke detectors in tents.

  3. Because Republicans only believe in “small government” when it doesn’t involve vaginas or poor people, Republican lawmakers in Michigan are once again considering a bill that would mandate drug screening for welfare recipients. You’d almost think they believe being poor is a crime, so they should treat poor people like criminals.
  4. Dropping his self-proclaimed focus on “jobs and kids” for a moment, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill that will allow Michiganders to pet and take pictures with bear cubs. Meanwhile, Michigan’s unemployment rate is a full percentage point above the national average.
  5. Think you’ve worked hard to earn your paid sick leave? Republicans don’t. In fact, they’re so sure about it they’ve introduced House Bill 4249 which would ban local communities from protecting workers’ right to paid sick leave.

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