Finally, we’re back.

You may not have noticed it, but our national hosting provider had a major meltdown and our website – along with the websites of every organization they hosted – was stuck in something of a twilight zone.

Our website was up, but we couldn’t update it and a lot of the links were broken. People started throwing around phrases like “incomplete backups” and “cascading data glitches” – that’s how you know you’re in trouble.

Two important things came out of this:

First, we realized that our data storage and privacy practices for member information are secure, despite the server disruptions. All of the information we keep is safe and sound.

Second, and in large part because of people like you, we were back up and running with a full reimplementation of our website in WordPress in almost no time at all. Now, we’re being hosted by a great local company called A2 Hosting.

The unfortunate part is that we – and not our national partners – have to foot the bill for our new web server to stay up and running.

And that’s where you come in. Will you commit to making a monthly $5 donation to keep our lights on and the website up and running? You can also show your support if you LIKE, Tweet, and +1 this post.

We expect that there will still be a few kinks to iron out with the new website, so feel free to contact our webmaster if you have any issues:

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