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Wednesday, February 27, 2012
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“This appointment is disappointing, but not surprising, as partisan politics once again trumps the best interests of Michigan citizens under Gov. Snyder,” said Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “Our highest court should reflect Michigan’s diverse population. Unfortunately, this is the second time Snyder has nominated a man to replace a female Justice of the Supreme Court. Moreover, it’s clear Judge Viviano is just another Republican politician who will put corporate special interests first. We need a Governor and a Supreme Court that will do what’s best for Michigan.”


Judge David Viviano has a record of making campaign contributions to Republican politicians, including: Gov. Rick Snyder ($600), Mitt Romney ($2,000), Mike Bouchard ($550), U.S. Rep. Candice Miller ($300), and over $1,300 to current Republican-nominated Supreme Court Justices. In total, Viviano has donated at least $6,964 to Republican candidates during the past eight years.

During his campaign for Macomb County Prosecutor in 2004, Viviano opposed same-sex marriage, and advocated for bringing the death penalty to Michigan. [Detroit News, 10/14/04, 9/29/04]

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