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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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“Walk of Shame” showcases legislators who voted to harm Michigan’s middle class in 2012

LANSING – Workers from across Michigan traveled to Lansing to march on the Capitol today, and give legislators broken cookies for their broken promises to middle class families. Countlessteachers, nurses, firefighters, construction workers, public employees, home care workers and others who support Michigan’s middle class held a “Walk of Shame” as legislators walked to the capitol for the swearing-in ceremony of 2013. Later in the day, workers delivered cookies to the offices of elected officials who supported working families, but legislators who voted to destroy the rights of families were given a broken cookie to represent the crumbling middle class.

“Thousands came to the capitol last year to send a message that fell on deaf ears,” said Maurice Volckaert, a construction worker from Blissfield. “Michigan’s middle class refuses to be silenced. It’s time our elected officials focus on creating good paying jobs and improving education instead of dismantling the rights of families like mine.”

Workers met at Central United Methodist Church this morning and marched to the Capitol, then delivered cookies to legislators’ offices prior to the swearing-in ceremony. All participants are speaking out about the votes taken during lame duck to hurt families, undermine women’s rights and hurt education in Michigan.

Controversial “Right to Work” legislation was passed without committee testimony or debate, and the Legislature and Governor Snyder deliberately ignored over 12,000 protesters who came to Lansing asking politicians to do the right thing. Workers are sending a message they’re not going home.

“Our government should be working for the people of Michigan, not corporations and millionaires like Dick DeVos,” said Kelly Brunk, a registered nurse from Lansing and a member of the Michigan Nurses Association. “People like me want Lansing politicians to start putting working families first – and we’re not going away. We will keep fighting for what’s right until our voices are heard.”

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