Dan Benishek is just the worst kind of person. He’s a hypocrite.

After last month’s fiscal cliff negotiations (and after promising end-of-session Hurricane Sandy relief to Gov. Chris Christie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo), House Republicans promptly tabled the matter, choosing to go home instead. The outrage that followed, to put it simply, forced House Republicans back into session and they passed a small stop-gap measure of $9 billion (originally, this was supposed to be $60 billion) for relief efforts.

Still, some lawmakers voted against the bare-bones aid package. Chief among them was Michigan’s own Dr. Dan Benishek. Which is odd, as just six months earlier he was promoting the disaster relief assistance being offered to Michigan farmers to help offset the losses from crop freezes that had been plaguing Michigan.

In the words of Dan Benishek:

“I am pleased Secretary Vilsack and the USDA have recognized the critical need to help the many Northern Michigan farmers who were impacted by this weather related disaster.  I am hopeful that with the help of these low-interest federal loans, our farmers will be able to persevere through this challenging growing season and keep their businesses open,” said Dr. Benishek, a doctor from Iron River.

You’d think a doctor would understand that when you can build sand castles in your home the aid should have been there yesterday. Maybe that doesn’t meet Dan Benishek’s threshold for “critical need.” Or, maybe he just doesn’t give a hoot about the folks on the east coast.

But the most likely explanation is also the simplest, Dan Benishek only cares about re-election. It’s that type of self-interest that drives someone to take two contradictory positions: for aid to Michigan farmers (because that will help him get re-elected) but against aid for Hurricane Sandy victims (because of the deficit and ideology).

That’s called hypocrisy, Dan Benishek. And you should be ashamed.

You can call Dan Benishek at his office in Marquette here:

(906) 273-1661


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