Picture this:

You roll out of bed on Election Day, ready to head over to your polling place to cast your ballot. But wait — what’s the address? How do you get there? When do the polls open, and who should you support?

We’ve all been there.

You’re probably ready to cast your ballot, but you should make sure your friends are ready to vote too. We’ve put together several resources to make it easier for you, your friends, and your family to vote on election day:

The Michigan League of Responsible Voters Ballot Guide.

The 2012 Michigan Voter Guide.

The 866-Our-Vote Voter Protection Hotline.

Corporate special interest groups have already spent millions trying to influence your vote, and we’re here to help cut through the clutter.

Make a plan to vote, and if you need help, use the Michigan Voter Guide, the Michigan League of Responsible Voters, and the voter protection hotline 866-OUR-VOTE. After, send this to your friends and family and let them know about these helpful resources.

If you’re not sure when or where you’re voting, now is the time to lock it down. This is too important.

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